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Tom ‘Brooder’ Doran, Deputy Chief of Police in Beaufort, Quebec, has his hands full when financier Paul Carignan is struck by a stray bullet. Tom investigates but collides with the unwillingness of town leaders to dig deeper and find out what really happened. Carignan’s teenage sons take on the residents they believe are responsible for the shooting—and are then besieged in their house with the men they’ve taken captive. Their mother, Catherine, must decide whether to support her sons in their dangerous campaign for justice—or side with local police. Either way, Beaufort is in for a fiery shakeup.


A special thank you to Marc Levy for his thoughtful words: “Long live Blindshot! Marc Levy”.

Photo by: Josée-Lisa LeFrançois

Photo by: Josée-Lisa LeFrançois

An accomplished debut with a good ear for dialogue.
— TOMMY SCHNURMACHER – Former radio host with CJAD, journalist
Blindshot, a controlled thriller, introduces a strong new voice. When a businessman is shot outside his home, his sons hunt for the truth and find corruption and betrayal. Author Denis Coupal writes, “Truth had its price.” But, truth in Blindshot remains as elusive as a bullet.
— SHEILA KINDELLAN-SHEEHAN - Author of In The Shadows


Publisher: Linda Leith Publishing
Cover design: Debbie Geltner
Book design: Tika eBooks
Author’s website: Kim Madigan
Printed and bound in Canada.


We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Canada Book Fund, and Livres Canada Books, and the Government of Quebec through the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC).


Linda Leith
Josée-Lisa Coupal LeFrançois
Carmelita McGrath
Shawn Katz

Leila Marshy
Marie-lou Coupal
Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan
Will Ferguson
Roy MacGregor
Trevor Ferguson
Andy Nulman
Tommy Schnurmacher
Andrew Krajewski
Pierre Arsenault
Christian Tylko
Bob Hendriks
Philippe Coupal

AUX LECTEURS FRANCOPHONES — nous souhaitons que Blindshot soit éventuellement traduit en français. À suivre!

DECEMBER 2018 - BLINDSHOT is chosen by the LITERARY PRESS GROUP OF CANADA & MANDA GROUP to be featured alongside other LPG Sales Force Books in its Spring 2019 Library Wholesaler Ads.